Software Project

Writing a lot of software to support my involvement in many projects. I use Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails (RoR), CSS, HTML, Javascript, Java, PHP, Shell Script, Expect, GNU Plot, Graphviz, Bootstrap, and Highcharts. Some software pictures are blurred because of internal usage only.


Programming Language: Ruby on Rails, CSS, Javascript, HTML - 2019

www.kawananu.com is my private website and it has been online since 2007.

PCM Parser

Programming Language: Perl/Tk - 2013

The function of this program is to get the detail information relates to devices.

GetRan Tool

Programming Language: Perl - 2014

This program is command line interface (CLI) version of PCM Parser.

Network Graph

Programming Language: Perl, Graphviz, Expect, PHP - 2015

This program is to produce the network graph/relationship between CS and RAN using raw data from nodes.

Assignment Trace Tool

Programming Language: JavaFX - 2015

This program is to produce the statistics of resource assignment.

Core Switch Network Statistics

Programming Language&Database: Perl, Expect, Laravel web framework, Bootstrap, Highcharts, MYSQL - 2018

This program is to produce the statistics of CS Switch.

Virtual DNS (vDNS) Performance Statistics

Programming Language: Perl, GNUPLOT - 2020

The aim of this program is to parse the vDNS Performance Management (PM) files and plot them into a nice graph.

Backup Program

Programming Language: Perl/Tk, Expect - 2017

The aim of this program is to perform backup and export it to the external DVD drive. This program has been used by one of the telecommucation operators in Singapore from 2017 to 2019 (three years).