I love writing books to document what I have learnt, tested, and implemented. Some of them had been published by Indonesian publishers such as Andi Offset Yogyakarta, Elex Media Jakarta, Informatika Bandung, and Kawananu Bandung.

Kamera Pengawas Berbasis Open Source

This book explains the basic concept, design, and implementation of surveillance camera using open source software in the home network. Published by Elex Media Komputindo Jakarta in 2005.

Debian GNU/Linux

This book explains how to use Debian GNU/Linux from A to Z. Almost all topics about Debian GNU/Linux are covered in this book. Published by Informatika Bandung in 2011.

Pemrograman Perl

This book explains the concept and implementation of Perl language especially how to use this language to process the data. Published by Kawananu Bandung in 2015.